A Study of the Thessalonian Letters

Hope of the Gospel: Living with the End in Mind

The early churches in the first century were often birthed in the midst of severe persecution and crippling doubts. Despite such difficult times and challenging situations, the young Thessalonian believers persevered valiantly as they held unto the Hope of the Gospel, thereby becoming a model for other churches in the region. Through Paul's letters to the Thessalonians, we catch a glimpse of what exactly this "hope" is, and how it anchors our faith and motivates our godly living.

12, 19, 26 June 3, 10 July 2022
2pm – 4.30pm
Online & NTP Ignite
(Learners may attend either online or in-person at NTP)

Registration closes on 7 Jun 2022, 2359 or when class is full. 
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