Bible Seminar: Book of Numbers (Part 1)

While its title refers to the two censuses taken in the wilderness, the Book of Numbers is really about the people of Israel being caught between the wonderful promises of God and the harsh realities of life as they wandered through the wilderness for thirty-eight years. In the book, the complex story of Israel's unfaithfulness and rebellion is set against the backdrop of God’s faithfulness and patience. How will the people react to the challenging circumstances right before their eyes? And how will they respond to God's discipline? Behind all the hardships and grumblings lie God's ultimate intent to "humble and test" the people, and through this, to refine their faith in Him (Deuteronomy 8:2-5).

19 & 20 August 2021
8pm - 10.30pm (QNA Included)
Zoom Webinar Live
Instructor: Han Hui 

Registration Deadline: 20 Aug, 2pm. 

As this Bible Seminar is streamed online, it is chargeable per attendee that participates in the seminar. If the seminar is viewed as a group (for example as a household), each participant should still register on their own basis for the seminar. This is important to uphold the integrity of participation our Bible Seminar.
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