Bible Seminar: The Songs of Ascent - A Discipleship Journey by Ps Benny Ho

Psalm 120 - Psalm 134 are commonly known as The Songs of Ascent.  The Israelites will traditionally sing these psalms as they make their way to worship Jehovah God in the Temple.  It is a beautiful metaphor of the discipleship journey that all of us are taking as we move from sin to salvation, from despair to delight, from weakness to strength, and from defeat to victory.  This expository series is a study of 8 selected psalms from the Songs of Ascent.  Come and be blessed!

17 & 18 June 2021
8pm - 10pm
Zoom Webinar Live 
The recording will be made available for registrants for two weeks after the end of the Seminar.

Registration Deadline: 17 June, 12pm (Extended till 11.59pm)

this Bible Seminar is streamed online, it is chargeable per attendee that participates in the seminar. If the seminar is viewed as a group (for example as a household), each participant should still register on their own basis for the seminar. This is important to uphold the integrity of participation for our Bible Seminar. 
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