Relationship Seminar for Tertiary Leaders

Oct 18


Romantic relationships can be richly satisfying yet complicated and confusing. Be equipped to guide your members through pertinent questions that emerge in relationships today.

The following recordings are from the Relationship Seminar conducted for Tertiary leaders in October 2020. The Relationship Resource aims to equip Hope Singapore leaders with biblical principles on marriage, sex, relationships and singleness so they can apply these timeless principles to guide believers in contemporary relationship issues.

*This resource is only available to leaders of Hope Singapore.
Relationship Resource

Marriage, Sex, Relationship 
and Singleness

Seminar Recording

Tertiary Relationship Seminar Recording

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Story 1: Nam Seng & Sok Mian

Guiding Believers in Relationships with Pre-believers

Story 2: Wei Wen

Using Dating Apps Wisely

Story 3: Mitzy

Living Purposefully as a Single