Inner Life of a Parent

Sep 10
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Parenting can be a daunting journey for many. Being responsible for the survival and upbringing of a smaller human (or humans) reveals parents’ limitations, exposes their flaws, and stretches their love for others to almost breaking point at times. Just as children have to grow up, parents also have some growing up to do. Parenting is not just about helping children mature into adulthood, but also about parents depending on the Holy Spirit to mature into Christlikeness.

This resource is a five-part series for young families and written primarily for use in a lifegroup setting, consisting of segments of teaching, discussion and reflection time. 

Through this series, we hope that parents will be more sensitive to God’s work in their heart as they lean on Him to grow in Christ-likeness in their parenting journey. We also hope that the discussions within the lifegroup will help parents find support, encouragement and practical help through their spiritual family.

*Resource is only available to members of Hope Singapore. 

Inner Life of a Parent Resource
LG Slides: Lesson 1
At the Heart of Parenting
LG Slides: Lesson 2
Overcoming our Inadequacy
LG Slides: Lesson 3
Progressing in Patience
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LG Slides: Lesson 4
Battling Envy
LG Slides: Lesson 5
Participating in the Bigger Spiritual Family