Book of Judges-Ruth

The book of Judges presents Israel's depressing journey from triumph to tragedy. In contrast, the book of Ruth is a mirror opposite as it records the inspiring journey of God's people from tragedy to triumph! While Judges is about God's people breaking the covenant and leaving His word, Ruth is about keeping the covenant and living out His word. While Judges documents acts of self-interest, Ruth documents acts of self-sacrifice. While Judges depicts the lack of kingship, Ruth finally depicts the line of kingship. The book of Judges reveals a God who is faithful to his people despite their failings, and the book of Ruth demonstrates the far-reaching impact of a righteous character. In this class, we will learn timeless truth from the book of Judges and Ruth that can be applied to our contemporary lives.

17, 24, 31 Jul, 7 Aug 2022
2pm – 5pm
Online & NTP Ignite
(Learners may attend either online or in-person at NTP)

Registration closes on 11 Jul 2022, 2359 or when class is full. 
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