Bible Seminar: Book of Deuteronomy (Part 2)

A person's last words often cut through the clutter and reveal what is truly on his or her heart. For Moses, it was the convergence of his calling as the prophet of God, and his concern for the people of Israel. It was a bittersweet moment for Moses as he delivered the message of Deuteronomy to the people encamped at the plain of Moab just outside Canaan. While Israel inched towards the Promised Land, Moses approached the end of his ministry and of his life. His parting words would challenge the new generation (and us): Beyond all the activities and rituals, what is at the very heart of our faith? Through it all, what must we do, so that we would remember God and remain faithful to His covenant?

23 & 24 Feb 2023
8pm - 10.30pm (QNA Included)
Webinar Live & In-Person (Axis)
Instructor: Han Hui

Registration closes on 24 February 12pm.

If you have chosen to view Bible Seminar Online, do note as this Bible Seminar is streamed online, it is chargeable per attendee that participates in the seminar. If the seminar is viewed as a group (for example as a household), each participant should still register on their own basis for the seminar. This is important to uphold the integrity of participation in our Bible Seminar.
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